Thank you for making an application to Deathsworn Verdict.

Currently, we have 3 set raid days and times - Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday (20:45 - 0:00). We may consider an additional fourth raid at times (usually on Mondays), if it seems like a good idea. Before you apply to the guild, it's important to consider whether you are generally available on those 3 days (and preferably the 4th day but not compulsory). If there is a reason you may not be available for one of these days, please let us know in your application.

We read all applications (even classes which are currently "full") and strive to give an answer within 24 hours. As we now have a couple of dedicated recruitment officers, our response to applications should be very quick, but do depend on their availability to access your applications, and they may choose to ask for advice from other knowledgeable guild members. Occasionally it may take slightly longer to reply if we have to put a lot of thought into it (e.g. you are applying on a class we do not need but your application is exceptional), but we will contact you to let you know why we are taking so long to come to a decision.

Upon joining the guild, you will start out as an "initiate" for up to 2 weeks from your date of joining, at which point you will be reviewed for promotion to full member. This is necessary for both us and you, so that you can find out whether we are the guild for you, and we can make sure we don't invite people who aren't a good fit.

What we look for in an application

As we are a guild focused on community, we like to recruit friendly, sociable members. A good application is one which has clearly been given some thought, time and effort, and which gives a bit of an indication of your personality. Jokes are perfectly welcome. We like detailed applications we can read during our lunch breaks to pass some time.

Raiding Applications

We like to see players have gone to the effort to gem and enchant properly before applying, and that their gear is of a high enough standard to start raiding. We don't demand WoL reports in our application as we know not everyone has them available, but if you have one lying around, we would like to see it. We may also request to see one if we feel it would help us make our decision.

Our members may respond to the application with a number of questions. Please check back to your application regularly so you can answer these questions. It is unusual for someone to get a spot in the guild without being asked a few "additional" questions by our members first, so please don't take offense. In fact, members who we were considering declining have been given a trial based on the answers they have given in response to their applications.

We are adamant that our members remain polite and respectful on applications at all times, so don't worry about receiving overly harsh criticism.

We don't use any other methods of recruitment.

Please be aware that we are unable to conduct interviews in-game or over Skype for a number of reasons. We cannot offer interested players the opportunity to "prove themselves" in a raid instead of applying as we don't have room in our raids. All interested players must make an application to join Deathsworn Verdict.

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